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Open Satsang - January 9th, 2013

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Open Satsang Jan 09, 2013 - Dolano
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How can I be more playful?


"How can I be more playful? How can I maintain Meditation in daily life? And more questions…"

Close to truth is still far away


"Is there something to help clean the emotion body? Yesterday, my emotion body had so much emotion and crying, because something touched me very deeply. After I felt very quiet, no story, no drama. I don't feel pain. I'm very WOW."

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Your nature is already safe


"Why is it so easy for me to let go when I'm here in front of you, but so difficult to let go when I'm alone?"

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Meditation & The nature of the mind

Question: Can you talk about meditation?

Is there a particular time everyday when it's beneficial to meditate, and how long?

In intensive satsang do you just have question-answer time? What is intensive? Is it just you sharing?

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About Enlightenment


"I have been for many years on the path, doing spiritual practices. There has not been much progress if any. My approach is lukewarm. I desire freedom but not very intensely. What can I do to increase this intensity?"


"What is enlightenment according to you?

Do you think every human being is born enlightened but we are not aware of it?"

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"I don't know how to make a decision in my life. I want to know what is true. But now I will go back to my country. I'm very confused.

"What is the true nature of the mind?"

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Why does staying in a state of no-thought take so much effort?


"Why does it take so much effort to hold this state of thoughtlessness, and why it is so easy to slip into thinking? It almost seems the mind's default setting to go into thinking and feelings and imagining."

Couples in constant conflict

Question: I would like to know what would you offer for couples that are in conflict, in constant conflict from a spiritual point of view. 

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