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upon a treasure.

Dolano, The Radical Zen Master ! 

This website was built out of gratitude for Dolano, radical Zen Master, as she calls herself, and also out of excitement to let more people know about her work.    


We don’t know anyone else in the whole wide world
who does Dolano’s job— pushing seekers off the cliff.
This has no price.
Dolano will appeal to those who are already on the path and who have tried many things. The seeker who is ready would give anything for that. So to have found Dolano is simply amazing, incredible grace…

On the spiritual circuit, Dolano will appeal to people who are at "the end of their path "

In Zen stories, Zen Masters don't advertise themselves; they wait for seekers to find them. Many of us who have come to know Dolano feel incredibly fortunate to have come across her, as she is not so well known. In fact you could say that her work is almost underground. If something here catches your attention, perhaps you'll consider writing down her name in case you'd like to find her again.

There are some big bright spiritual Masters whose job it is to attract as many people as possible to the path. They have to speak a form of truth that will echo with people from all walks of life. Dolano's work is different.

Dolano’s light will not attract people who are not yet on the path. She will appeal to those who are already on the path and who have tried many things. She will appeal to people who are at "the end of their path ".

Listen to Open Satsang with Dolano



What do you mean by the 'Last Satsang' ?

Why is there so much suffering in the world ?

Listen to Dolano's answers to these and other questions.

The Last Satsang - Dolano
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I don’t really understand the point of waking up


"Hi Dolano, I have been attending your Open Satsang for the last 3 years. I come regularly but I have not been able to make a decision about the Intensive Satsang. I keep thinking about it but I am not able to make a decision. Deep down I fear that I will lose something and I don’t know what. 

So, that fear is holding me back. I don’t know how to get the courage… That is my question."

Point of waking up - Dolano
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After liberation of mind can we use the mind sufficiently ?​

What is the meaning of spontaneous answers. Sometime I am lost and I don’t know if I should listen to myself or if I should listen to others. What is the true nature of the mind? What is the function of the mind besides worrying? And more…”

Using the mind after liberation - Dolano
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How can I be more playful?


Question:  "How can I be more playful? How can I maintain Meditation in daily life? And more questions…"

More playful - Dolano
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Open Satsang Schedule

Twice a month, Dolano holds an “Open Satsang” where anyone can come for ninety minutes of questions and answers. All are welcome to show up for the Open Satsang. They help the seeker get ready for the Last Satsang (Intensive)

Every year, it is held on the same dates and starts at 2:00 pm at the same location.

(Message from Dolano) Beloved helpers and participants: we do not know of the long- term effects of these potentially dangerous experimental injections called “vaccines”. I do very much care to advise you not to take the risk with your health and body life! So, for now only unvaccinated people can participate and we may need to wait for this scamdemic to be over to gain back the freedom to fly with out vaccination.

Covid vaccinated people are forbidden for now.


January 10 & 25*
February 8 *    
August 14 & 26*

October 11 & 27*
December 25

 *Intensive Satsangs  and Open Satsangs are CANCELLED due to pandemic till further notice!


Satsang Roar ...

Beloved Dolano, 


Just am sending you a small hi - and a big thank you - from across the sea :) I am a little bit confused with this “distance” by the way, hahaha. My math is not that good ;)


Timeless gratitude to you. And endless love :D 

— Gloria

Dearest Dolano,


Thank you for not wasting any time, for speaking and loving as you talk: right straight to the point!! I hope to meet you soon in Intensive Satsang.


— A. Viraj