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Even more satsang roar (1992 to 2009)

This is a selection of gratitude letters sent to Dolano from people who share their experience having participated in Intensive Satsang. 

Dolano loves receiving and sharing them with the readers.


"Only once roared, how can you turn away!!!! Ultimate freedom, Satchidananda. 

Your own self and friend, Dolano."

A lioness and a lion symbolize the roar of awakening

beloved dolano,


all most 3 years ago u opened my eyes

and since then they just keep on opening.

it never stops, thank god...

in this opening and forever thanks i'm going tomorrow

to meet the beloved gangaji, who u introduced me to, 3 years ago.

i go to her with nothing but love,

and this is how i come to u today.

love and thanks. forever!

some how i just wanted u to know this, i don't know why...

i love u. i thank u. i am u ....

only love is , how beautiful!




I'm Kavio;


I participated in the last January intensive. (I'm the guy who sang the "falling falling" song with the guitar).


I want to confirm. I want to tell you how everything changed (and, of course, stayed just the same...)

but I know - there is no need, you already know.

I know there is no need to start the engine of this mind in order to try and tell you what can't be told.


I will just say


and I know, you will know.

so much thankfulness, Dolano. as you know.

so much love, obvious, obvious love.

as you know.




Hello beloved Dolano


I met you there 2 years ago. I am so grateful to life to make me to meet you. The pearl vision changed my life. Now, mind knows what is true, and what is appearance. When identifications happen, it recognizes them more and more quickly. Mind is at home now, knowing there is no "me", and still being in the play of Leela, and in the ecstasy of the eternal now.


Thank you so much



hi Dolano, I would like to rephrase my letter to you.

infect its simple.

I just let the mind use its creativity in the right


I know what is that the mind needs to do and is good

at and I also know the limitation of the mind-when

mind can only circle.

o.k. now its much better.

eternal love and gratitude




hi dolano


om shanti

i wanted to tell you my thanks for your satsang

(intensive) 2 years before ;-)

i dont have realy what to say but im happy now and

enjoy my life and doing good time,,,,,and also sad and

also heart and also emensly happy and many things that

happens to tom tom the clown in this life is good

so thank you friend for skreaming on me and doing me

(tom) such an hard time ,its healed a lot and i more

and more get more and more healed and free

enjoy life

kisses of love

tom tom

( clown ,actually clown therapist)


Beloved Dolano,


I am in London at the moment and yesterday while trying to catch the right bus towards the city center I managed to jump on one that took me towards the wrong direction. Then I have got off of the bus and I started to wait for the bus leading towards the opposite direction. I sat down at the bus stop surrounded by kids screaming and cars heading in every direction. At that very moment I felt a certain stillness that I never felt before and with that happiness for no reasons at all: Just Happy!!! I had just got lost in London and I could not care less if I was sitting in the cold while waiting for this bus, it was just so beautiful, I could have sat there forever..........

Before coming to intensive satsang I did not know what was what, who was who and where life was leading: Now everything is so simple and clear!!!! Intensive satsang with Dolano has helped this mind to step out of the mess. I am finally home!!! Home is silence, peace, love, compassion and happiness for no reasons at all. This is just my nature.

I am a river of gratitude towards my own self and friend Dolano.


Thank you, Federico


Hi Dolano,


if just got myself a dog. She is amazing and beautiful. Me and my girlfriend found her on the street in Haifa, after she was probably abandoned by someone. I loved her immediately and knew I must take her.


A great happiness is felt with this new friendship. When I took the dog, i remembered your story about how you took the cat after the drop had dropped.

Suddenly, committing to a dog is the happiest and easiest thing in the world.


Simplicity. innocence. absolute clarity. absolute natural courage. who could have imagined...

Thank you for your part in liberating kavio's mind. Yahtzee, my new dog, sends her gratefulness, too.


smiles and a hug, Kavio


From Moscow with love,

Dolano, Dolano, beloved Dolano!

It is only one month after your intensive Satsang and how much gratitude has been pouring out of my heart in all this time to you and to me, to this gift that I gave to myself to come to you! This gift is priceless, it is ever lasting, it is the last one and completely overwhelming, it is so enough onto itself!

Dolano, how can I thank you for what you've done and for the way you were roaring the truth to us! I've been through many different experiences during this month and the Satsang is shining every day more and more, through everything, so absolutely dominant! Sometimes I was waking up in the middle of the night with the tears of gratitude to you, who was so generous not to delude us anymore with the sweetness, softness and bliss pictured on the face. Thank you for not being sweet and soft at all! For being so ORDINARY, nothing to cling to!!! Thank you for being so harsh on me in so many occasions! And for all the love and compassion that comes with it. How else could I hear you otherwise?!

Thank you for the simplicity of your language speaking the truth. No more nice talks "about it", just like a sharp sword, no one word wrong, no way for the mind to get confused or deluded anymore, just recognition...

Love, love, eternal gratitude to you, to me, SATCHITANANDA!!!!!!



hi dolano


I did the intensive last year 2003 in may, tonight I was listening to one of

the tapes and I cried a lot for the gratitude for being in the intensive.

It happened in many times that I felt really lucky by having such an

opportunity. This time I really wanted to thank you.

Actually I would like to express more, I have the feeling that these

words that I am writing can't really express. I am in front of the pc

since almost half an hour trying to find the "right" words to tell you

how much I am grateful. But maybe you already know. ehheheheh

really eternal gratitude for the opportunity I had.

thank you!




Beloved Dolano,

Thank you for your Satsang, this wonderful highway of

truth and liberation. Thank you for showing the way in

every point where I could have taken a wrong turn.

It is extreme luck that your Satsang is available

right now, just in right time for me.

With your help I have come home, the search is over.

What a liberation for this mind after many years of

struggling and trying to do the impossible!

To say thank you feels almost ridiculous, truly my

gratitude is beyond any words.

Eternal silence, bliss, love, freee...


Dear Dolano;

In these few intensive Q & A days, I recognized that you are my

Buddha Mother, and I have so many Buddha sisters and brothers

together. Yes, I am a new Buddha Child full of gratitude. In

these few days, looking at your eyes, sometimes the tears just

flow in my eyes. The body-mind is so relax and in rest that I am

lazy to ask any question, of course listening to your answering is

such a joyful/powerful roaring in me. Yes, I heard my own voice

speaking; all I can do is just living truth w/o any doubt. Again

thank you for you and your beautiful work.

In Luckness, Krisana

Samarpan roaring!

Gratitude overflowing

For Dolano is a waterfall

She whispers 'satchitananda'

She sings 'nothing ever happened ,what is just is'

She calls 'be true to truth'

Cascading truth showers me

Me can't deny Me

My voice out of her mouth

Roaring 'I am great'

I am love

I am peace

I am intelligence

I am bliss

I am silence

I am aware

All this play

All this garden

Each aspect of me

source expressing itself

Shouting 'me,me,me'

Leaning back laughing

Me welcomes Me home

Lets play eternal

out of fullfillment


Two years after intensive and still the gratitude is endless

Beloved, Own Self, Dolano,


It is now two and a half years since intensive satsang with dolano, for sure the very, very last satsang! Mind sometimes likes to listen to satsang by some teacher or another, just for fun, but every time there is confirmation that absolutely nothing is needed beyond the recognition of 'who am I' which was so magnificently revealed at intensive with dolano. And still there is no teacher to come even close to pointing so strongly to Truth - only with dolano did I hear my own voice speaking, and that was truly all that was needed to end the illusion and the madness. So clearly did my own voice speak at that time in Pune, that during intensive while taking a rest from listening to the tapes and swimming in the pool at the ashram, suddenly it was revealed that what lies behind these eyes is not 'nora' but something completely nameless and I laughed and laughed and laughed - the cosmic joke!


Soon after the intensive I wrote to you saying how so much neurosis has simply fallen away. And now two and a half years later this life is so different to before dolano. Before dolano I wanted to prove myself to achieve success, and now it is so simple that nothing needs to be done at all, as there is no 'myself' to concern itself. Indeed all is so totally complete, beyond words, regardless of circumstances. No storm (and now they are so few and tiny and all welcome to come!) can ever the touch the recognition of Source as All, as Peace its self, as Who am I.


Dearest dolano the gratitude is so, so huge, this freedom is so huge, that I can only bow before you and all this sacred life in it's endless forms.




Beloved Dolano!


I did the last January intensive with you, by now I'm back in Switzerland, working and tomorrow I even start studying again, so much is happening, I do so much and yet there's nobody, I take responsibility in many ways and yet there's nobody taking anything (only responding), I live with three people in the house, one is the girlfriend and so much happening and I'm fully involved and yet there's nobody.

I don't know how to thank you for this introduction to 'who am I'!

There's endless gratefulness and I love this play so much, it's so much worth the uncomfort it brings with it.

Beloved you, another me!?!?...and there's not even one ... hahaha, I thank existenz so much to bring this form of you to this form of me, showing 'who am I'!



dear dolano,


I was in the January intensive {the guy with the tattoos}. I have

just returned to Holland and have wanted to send this thank you since the

intensive finished. Every time I try to say something about it, it doesn't seem

right. Im just very very happy to have spent the time with you and can say

how lucky i know i am. Its all becoming more obvious and as much as its the

number 1 important thing to me to give it what it needs, the play is very

nice and very enjoyable as my search has been a little serious, the last few

years. Its the best thing ever to know, is there all the time and i love it.

It was so beautiful the way you shared with us. You are a grate example of it

and a star shining very bright.

thanks always. love, shaun


Dear Dolano,


It has been a year since we met in your intensive,

A year filled with numerous events and recognitions.

I sit now to write you a report as a kind of a thank you


Source thanking source.

You have planted the seed of awakening in my mind and now

The flowering has come –

My doubts have gone and with it freedom recognized

Now I see, not a pig anymore, and can appreciate this pearl

of nothing

Who am I is not a question to be solved but only a trust to

be given

You have told me – be a light onto yourself, and when I did

I found the light of source as my self and all others.

I thank you so



Beloved dolano,

during the second day of questions & answers while you were speaking I saw

what can't be seen but only touched your nose and in no time I

saw that there was nobody there....There is nobody I am writing

this letter there is nobody here........only source is......

Eternal Love & Gratitude, your own self Federico


Beloved Dolano,

words cannot express the gift of satsang intensive...with Dolano

There is such a big wave of gratitude and gratefulness .I can sit in my room

not sure whether I'm laughing or crying in such wonder of recognizing


I'm in love with truth and such sweetness and joy to hear my voice thru

your mouth speaking.

with again my gratitude,




Beloved beautiful Dolano

oohhh finally free!!!

i am writhing you from Goa.

i am very good , enjoying the play of Lila, with this beautiful nature and ocean..

i am so happy and i fell so lucky.

Full of gratitude..

i send to you : thank you again.

with love


P.S. today i want to start my popcorn tape..


Dolano, Dolano, beloved Dolano!


It is only one month after your intensive satsang and how much gratitude has been pouring out of my heart in all this time to you and to me, to this gift that I gave to myself to come to you! This gift is priceless, it is ever lasting, it is the last one and completely overwhelming, it is so enough onto itself!

Dolano, how can I thank you for what you've done and for the way you were roaring the truth to us! I've been through many different experiences during this month and the Satsang is shining every day more and more, through everything, so absolutely dominant! Sometimes I was waking up in the middle of the night with the tears of gratitude to you, who was so generous not to delute us anymore with the sweetness, softness and bliss pictured on the face. Thank you for not being sweet and soft at all! For being so ORDINARY, nothing to cling to!!! Thank you for being so harsh on me in so many occasions! And for all the love and compassion that comes with it. How else could I hear you otherwise?!

Thank you for the simplicity of your language speaking the truth. No more nice talks "about it", just like a sharp sword, no one word wrong, no way for the mind to get confused or deluted anymore, just recognition...

Love, love, eternal gratitude to you, to me, SATCHITANANDA!!!!!!



Dolano, beloved friend, what a present to hear back from you!

Of course, you can use my letter the way you want. I also am thinking to come to your satsang as a helper some day if it would be possible, when the situation in Russia would be more clear. Now with all this terroristic acts and bomb exploxions here to fly somewhere is a real headache, the checking up at the airports is for hours and hours.

But what a strange change in me! Waching the news on TV about these last events, faces of people full of fear, tears and blood, I do feel the same compassion as before, but it is the secondary thing. The main thing is so clear! Whatever happens, it is just another reminder to the people that this body is not forever, nothing here is forever, no possessions, no attachments, no relations! Don't cling, wake up! Wake up right now!

Do you remember my question about human's cruelity and that I was not able to see love in it? Strangely now I can see compassion and love in this constant shaking of the planet. Because I came to know through your grace that to who I really am, to my true nature nothing ever happened!!!

Love and gratitude to you, wonderful lion roaring the truth! I was so blessed to come to you!



Dear Dolano,


I wish your body is in good health and that the

monsoon in Poona are not too heavy this year; here in

Europe we really had a sort of monsoon with

storm and floods.

I am writing to you simply to thank you and thank you

again. This is really what I do every time I lessen

to an intensive tape.

You know, when I was at my first open satsang with

you in march 2001, you were saying: .go for other

Satsangs and come to me for the last satsang.

So I did, as I wrote to you in my intensive request

letter, I was in an intensive with Rani and, months

later, in the April intensive with you.

I remember I wrote to you that I knew that I could not

loose who I am, but that I had doubts and still to

free the mind and so on.

Okay. simply I had no recognition. simply I had not!

And I was still cherishing ideas like 'mind is


With Rani it was probably the ultimate therapy, but

still therapy and in the process (it was a process, a

becoming) there was no recognition.

I know now clearly what you were meaning the first

intensive day saying: . if mind has not been liberated

by that who you are, then you really do not know who

you are.

In the intensive with you the recognition was so

natural, so simple and so powerful that let the mind be

like a child mind. I use to be a good speaker, I use

to give public speech sometime,. suddenly there where

no more words, speechless.

I thank you for my head rolling about my love for

philosophy. Being so long with a tibetan master

educates the mind to philosophy and debate. This may

be good for the language, but existentially it is

simply meaningless; this love for philosophy took

short time to disappear.

No more doubts, no more serious speculations. Only

laughter and freedom.

No need of discipline, not relevant what is happening

or not happening.

I thank you for my head rolling for my attention to

the body sensations. This was probably because of the

consequences of a bad bike accident that I had many

years ago that left a hip prosthesis and nine screws in

the left leg, some limitations and an exaggerated

attention (and a fear sensation) to its tensions and


Now it is not like this anymore and all the body is

some how changing: it is softer and a sort of healing

is going on and I see my body as a beautiful organism,

really it is beautiful.

Of course there are things that are going forever:

these last years I gave many session as astrologer.

I use sidereal astrology referring to the real

astronomical position of the planets and stars in the

sky (the tropical western astrology is working with a

sky of two thousands year ago - Tolomeo's time -

almost a sign off). The point is that astrology tells

only about the body-mind tendencies so at the end of

the story astrology tells you what you are not. And

even the most significant planetary transit cannot

change who am I. So what to do. I don't find anymore

sense on giving astrology sessions. and of course they

do not happen.

Also some friends are going. On the beginning the

temptation to share with the closest person is strong,

but it has happened for a short time, then the silence

became natural. The use of language is changed and

many common ways of saying and the so-called spiritual

or new age language sound really nonsense and so

hilarious. Other friends come to ask, looking for

answers. Talking together shows us so clearly the

dream they believe they are in that in the end we

laugh a lot.

A lot of creativity is happening. I used to do

musical instrument making and in May the idea of a new

instrument came up. I spent two months in the basement

of the house where I have now the workshop (I do not

do that job professionally since long time) and it

came out a very interesting string instrument that is

integrating different instruments and styles of music

(turkish, iranian, indian) that I liked to play.

It is really a joy for me to play it. It is the end

of another search.

Such a playful sense of creativity, this is something

you really transmit during the intensive, thank you


So life is going on, as usual, but nothing is the


Where I am now there is a little garden with trees and

sometime a ripen apple falls by itself. That's it.


Beloved Dolano,


I just felt like writing to you once more, and express my gratitude for your

work I was able to be with last autumn.

I am still in India, now in the very north, in a very beautiful and peaceful

surrounding, and I started to listen to your tapes again. It's so deep, so

true, and so simple at the same time - and so good to have it with me here,

in this amazing nature and stillness.

Thanks and lots of love Sampatti


dear Dolano


one and a half years had passed since i did your Intensive Satsang

in this period of time i traveled in India, I had a motorcycle accident that forced me to go back to Israel and i am still recovering from it.

Through all this time i just felt GOOD

through all my pain i experienced the being of the I was undoubtable.

I feel, thanks to the Satsang, that everything is fine everywhere all the time

and nothing could take this feeling from this body-mind.

As if nothing was changed, i am the same person, but still everything is different

as if a new unseen aroma had added to life.

Remember i was the philosoph of my satsang and i think that if you managed to touch me in the bottom of my heart you can touch everybody.

You killed every meaning in my life

i am free of being "someone" of becoming of doing

i am FREE.

You killed me just to be rebirth again, and this time with a big smile on my face

I can't say i understood the Satsang, not in the normal way anyway, but this is the beauty of it.

I thank you and me and all this wonderful thing called life



Emmanuel marrache Israel

hi dolano,

om shanti, the email i wrote yesterday has gone, its not your computer it

was my mistake.

I write to say thank you for everything. Nirdosh expressed beautifully

yesterday how grateful i am that dolano went from hell to heaven to

eternal freedom and is able to speak the unspeakable. To help the beloved servants mind

fly freely in this play of leela. So beautiful!

No words can thank you enough i can only whisper;


love always



Hello Dolano,


Here's a quick message to make sure you re receiving your mail. Also, it's a chance to attempt to express my gratitude for your continued sharing with us. I cannot thank you enough! Your method of "no bullshit" is so refreshing after so many frustrating years of trying to understand and abusing the beloved servants. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Love, Ayla


beloved dolano,

you showed me that i am home. and for that and everything, eternal

gratefullness to you. For your clarity, streingth, compassion...

there are no words to describe the silence...

there is so much, and at the same time, nothing, to say...

thank you-thank you- thank you....................

love, samadhi


beloved Dolano:

so you may remember this body mind as i was helping your last intensive.... and what happened is the flue took over during the last days (big sweats during the night) & each day hoping i could come and there was not the energy for source to move me there, however did remain immersed listening to the satsang tapes ... every time it sounds different - so fresh - still i am so enthusiastic about listening to the tapes as i have been doing almost daily since my first intensive last march.... cannot find the words to thank you-source for the gift of your presence - teachings - i am so full of gratitude - dancing with joy - so free - some hangovers still and learning to welcome it all - your voice speaks to me spontaneously, giving me different perspectives as if the satsang tapes are recorded in the computer - the timer is a gift, and again thank you so much -----


love rajiva



















Beloved Dolano,

just time again to thank you - for all I could receive in the Intensive.

I participated in the last one, and after that went straight away to Goa.

Here, still quiet, the tapes are with me, helping to integrate and maturing.

It feels like seeing, perceiving, feeling, listening - all is different, and

still life seems to move on the same way. sometimes I just find myself

wondering like a little child - the switch is so small and still so huge.

Same-same. Challenges are coming daily, but life is a big big miracle in

which all is welcome.

Thank you for your being and the beautiful work you offer to all of us.

with love Sampatti


beloved dolano.

i just got back to israel after spending 3 weeks in munich. I just wanted to

express my deepest gratitude and thankfulness to you. It is about a month

after Intensive Satsang has finished and the recognition is firm. Clarity it

happening more and more and falling deeper and deeper in love with this

unnamable force, i call that or god. There is no possibility anymore to

believe the imaginations of the active mind. Any thought that has the word

"I" as a "personal" reference is simply fading as irrelevant, not finding

anywhere to stick to.

Freedom is indescribable and the self-doubt is recognized as another illusion.

It is hard to express it all in

words but at this point i can only say, WOW!!!!! so much love to you, my own





beloved dolano

just ripple of gratefulness

tanks from the cracked coconut

tapesh (the dead of rebel)



Most Beloved Dolano,


I did the Intensive with you on December 99...Last January 2004, these words arose..and I'd like to share them with you..

"All there is is this,

The answer to every question,

The ultimate love song,

The eternal sacred prayer..

All there is is this......."

Love ,

from This ,to This....



dear Dolano


thank you, thank you dolano

finally, it has been a long journey.

i am so grateful to you for pointing so

directly to truth.

out of this fulfillment things are dropping by them self

out of this fulfillment many beautiful appearance show them self

and the face of truth is becoming clearer more and more

everything falls in it's place like you said another ahhh.. and one more.

eternal peace and silence

with love, shanty


Beloved Dolano!


Hi, this is Ihina. I participate in the Intensive

Satsang with you in jan.2004, and just want to thank you very much for

share with us the real wisdom, and make me see the essential Truth.

My gratitude forever



Dearest beloved Dolano,

Now it's my turn to apologize for responding so late :-)

I've been very busy with a new project I took. It was supposed to be a short

6 weeks project but things developed differently than expected, as reality

always does :-) It now looks that I will stay in Israel to finish this

project at least until July.

Last week I moved to a sweet little apartment in the city of Caesarea which

is located on the beach half way between Tel Aviv and Haifa. Do you still

remember the major cities in Israel from your visit here? :-)

It's a small but sweet place with a balcony that has beach view. It's now

winter here and this year it is very rainy so I didn't yet get too much of

'balcony time' but I know that it's never too late for that.

I'm enjoying existence tremendously It actually makes me cry of happiness

sometimes. It's simply unbelievable how I lived so many years missing the

most obvious. I guess I needed your Zen stick for that. I'm so grateful, I

really have no words. I also know that I don't 'need' you anymore. I stand

alone like a lion. Thank you, you lioness.


LIVE THE PLAY OF LEELA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLAY THE LIFE OF LEELA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm laughing now so loud looking at the last lines :-)

Love you so much...

Your true friend and own self.



Beloved Dolano,


This is Premjeet writing from Brazil. I had Intensive Satsang with you in 2000 and 2001. I would like you to know that this body-mind-organism got Y O U - WHO AM I. It is good. There's gratefulness arising, that's why I write you. Send you the outcome of your job: Silence.



hi dear sent this msg to me in i can USE the cold

feet, it's rather warm

i hope you're keeping fine with your cats and intensive Satsang-people

i am almost every day listening to at least one tape, one of my FAVORITES IS


i had a few things i wanted to tell menopause, etc....i am past it

since a long time

did u know the good doc. who found out re progesterone has died

you can also take mistletoe in a spagyrik-way e.g. under the tongue and

mistletoe also makes progesterone amongst other qualities it has


i still wanted to say thank you in a poem-way, comes later





eternal vreny, the almost 59-year old (on the 30 of august!!!), the one with

the scar in her face from caraccident...hi, hi, hi

love you always, eternal



Just have to express my gratefulness to you once again.. Comes up overflowingly every time I relisten to your tapes. I also feel much gratefulness at my being so slow. It's not a retardation, but a gift in itself. That I know. I touch your feet with eternal thanx .. Love I Am You are ........ Nirmoha.

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