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Dolano Satsang Schedule

Images of Dolano, the radical Zen master

Open Satsang  

...Bringing you to the cliff at the end of the path.

​Twice a month, Dolano holds an “open satsang” where anyone can come for ninety minutes of questions and answers. Dolano answers questions, helping seekers become ready for the "end of the path". The "Open" Satsangs are open to the public. Anyone can attend. 


Open satsang and the Intensive satsang are not comparable. Open satsangs are for everyone and prepares the seeker for the intensive satsang while the intensive satsang is private and for  selected people who are ready.

Right here on the Friends of Dolano site you can listen to the open satsangs and even download them.  Dolano suggests that you first listen to her Open Satsangs. If you hear the "ringing bells", then you can write to Dolano to ask to be invited to participate in the Last Satsang. 

The Last Satsang — “Intensive Satsang”

Intensive satsang is not something to "check out", something to do in passing, something to fit between appointments. Intensive satsang is not a degree. It is not something to add to the list of things one has done. It is the Last Satsang, it is the end of the path. 

Dolano started her intensive satsang process in 1999, seven years after the "drop dropped". She says on tapes that she never wanted to be a "guru" and that she is not a guru. After the Last Satsang, she says, some people may hang around her for a while, but as friends, not as disciples. 

If you don't have the time for the Last Satsang right now, don't worry because "intensive" is not for you at the moment: It is for those for whom nothing is more important. :) Just remember that it's there for you when you're ready. In the meantime, Dolano recommends you listen to Open Satsang tapes… and watch Seinfeld as your spiritual practice

We were going to wish you "good luck on the path", but it looks like you don't need luck: you're already in the right place! 

If you are interested in participating in the “Last Satsang”, we request you to read a Seekers Dolano story first.

(tentatively in OCTOBER 2024)
Satsang may or may not happen in October 2024, depending upon Dolano's assessment of the scamdemic situation closer to the time, which will be periodically updated here.
"We will announce by August 15th if October Satsang 2024 will happen."
October 2nd - October 28th. Information meeting-> 1st October🤞🏼❣️
If you are interested in participating, it is recommended that you request it as soon as possible.

Have a beautiful day❣️

* Do not book a ticket ✈️ until final confirmation from Dolano that Satsang will happen❗️
* Do not inject to come to India‼️

*Do not inject ever❗️
* Government does not require injection for entry to India❗️
* Avoid PCR, to the extent

*Do not book ✈️

If you are interested in participating in October Intensive Satsang 2024 – The Last Satsang, then you can already now send a request to Dolano directly at e-mail:

If it happens that you do not receive any response or your letter does come back, please try to send your email again after one or two days  

For any questions about intensive (the last satsang), Dolano asks that you please write to her directly. You will find basic information about intensive, Dolano's email address and directions on this page.

Love, smiles, 
Friends of Dolano 

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