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More satsang roar (1992 to 2009)

This is a selection of gratitude letters sent to Dolano from people who share their experience having participated in Intensive Satsang. 

Dolano loves receiving and sharing them with the readers.


"Only once roared, how can you turn away!!!! Ultimate freedom, Satchidananda. 

Your own self and friend, Dolano."

A lioness and a lion symbolize the roar of awakening

Hi Dolano, 
I never really wrote you to tell you how grateful I am for having met you, for being in your intensive satsang, for your words and everything.
So grateful, So grateful.
Words cannot tell and yes can tell.
Everything changed forever 
and yes outside nothing changed, nothing ever needs to change,
all so perfect.
Found home, all there is, endless everything.
Love, now overflowing, always here.
So good.
So here.
All including, and bursting in here. 
Nowhere to go and so content.
Beloved friend, thank you.
Love, tears, playful.
I am 
So simple. (Remember, toooooo simple at first - ha ha ha - very good joke)

Namaste Beloved Dolano,
I have again returned to Pune....home of truth and love.....and although i don't have the time this visit to come to an open satsang and roar...this body would not leave without sending this message of love and laughter to Dolano, beloved reflection of self. As i continue to travel and meet myself everywhere, i am constantly reminded of the beauty of separation, nothing to fear, nothing to need, nothing to achieve, just boundless limitless love and happiness and eternal thanks to the one who pulled and pushed this mind into self recognition with a firm Zen stick....but always with laughter and love and a wicked sense of humor.
Love love love and happiness.

bodhi Unmado (Adam, august 01 satsang)

Sweet beloved Dolano,
Thank you for pointing me to what is true.
what is so dominant, almost screaming in its silence:
"LOOK AT ME!", and I turned my head, which was looking
so far away, and saw myself for the first time.

I am true silence, I am peace and love and bliss,
Beyond any experience. I am illegal HAPPY!
I almost can't believe my freedom (good thing I don't
need to believe in it), my good luck for being finally
free, finally found, finally HOME.

Knowing I have lived this life a hundred times,
I am completely free to do absolutely nothing.
My mind has recognized the beloved one, source,
and no more imagine he needs to take care of a "me".
so he happily retired now to an endless holyday, where
he can simply do the things he likes, and play. No
more imagining:" I must get up and go to that party,
to live life".
And in stopping, body-mind is relaxed into peaceful
love, so ordinary and blissful, so here,  
No need to leave home again.
No promise of divine light or magical new path can
steal away that recognition.

I can keep roar like this forever.

No one could have nail me to that recognition better
than you, no angle with sweet words and soft voice,
But it was the unique reflection of source that you
are, So illegal and uncompromising, with a big Zen
stick and a cool tattoo.
no words can express my gratitude.
In Endless Love,


Dear Dolano
Of course it would be just fine for you to use my letter for the website - I will look out for it on there. 
Just to let you know also that I am finding the pop-corn tapes really amazing - so helpful. They really allow so much change in the situation once I have spoken it all out and speak it from Satsang at the end this mind/body feels very different. I find this mind/body dealing very differently when and if the situation arises again - so beautiful!! Also I get a much bigger insight into the situation and really surprises 'myself' sometimes!!! What a huge gift the popcorn tape is. Thank you so much for this.I would love to come back to Intensive Satsang as a helper at some time in the future.

In the love that we All Are and eternal gratitude - Nora


beloved dolano,
I'm so happy you exist and have the roar of truth running through the world......
You were the bloody egocracker number one to me and will always be.....thank you
Thank you for showing me the most simple thing in life: Home.
Thank you for willing to share and show me me- you, the same..
in love pragati,

The other day it snapped, how could it possibly be different then that I have never ever changed, ever since I was born?
So much gratitude to grace, to life, to all, without exception of anything existing, to...................!
thank you..


Beloved Dolano,
I am back home with Meena after 39 days in hospital!
The death of my body had been postponed and I am again enjoying life!
I do not remember nothing intellectually of your satsangs, but in every 
cell of my body there is the certainty that you gave me a very, very 
important message.
My feeling is that you took me off the pilgrimage and put me directly 
in front of the door..
Again, with deep gratitude. Yours,

Beloved Dolano,
a few considerations. Vartul's cancer is indeed the strongest experience and
mirror that Existence could send me.
I understand now that we all live in such a precarious state that all
"mundane and material" things we fight for are simply meaningless and
Each and every day is a miracle, is a gift for no reason at all and it comes
not because we are particularly good or worthy. From the moment this insight
entered in my inner reality, I can enjoy of every tiny minute, of each tiny
thing, even of not doing because I know that I am in a "being" state even
without doing! It's orgasmic; it's thrilling though I know we are destined
to disappear as a body.
Amazingly there is joy and no more tears of fear or anguish.
Much love to you, who had such a Love as to help me in the jump.

Hi, beloved Dolano, 
after 2 years 8 months India back to Berlin 1 week ago:


India is one breath - already gone
Berlin is here & now - I was never gone away

All is here and now, has been forever,
nothing has changed and all is changed.

Less money
no job
no flat

and I stay free in a luxury flat with a car for 3

A slice of future-fear is sometimes knocking softly on
the door without any energy. But the door is a very
old one, roasted, and difficult to open. To enter is
too much effort. Fear is lazy and Who am I - satchid-
ananda is so beautifully dominant that fear prefers
to leave. 

Happiness is all the time, trust is deeply present
and gratitude towards Dolano is overwhelming -

Thank you also very much for giving a hug and a kiss
in German Bakery one day before my departure.
was so touched, that I went out immediately, jumped on
my bicycle towards my room and tears of love and joy
and thankfulness were running a long time. Bliss!!!

Love forever
in deep gratitude


Just have to express my gratefulness to you once again.. Comes up overflowingly every time I relisten to your tapes. I also feel much gratefulness at my being so slow. It's not a retardation, but a gift in itself. That I know. I touch your feet with eternal thanx .. Love I Am You are ........ Nirmoha


I attended your Dec. 15-Jan 99 intensive and thought to say hello again. I cannot say that the drop has dropped, but I will say that this recognition is more than enough. Amazingly, I have stopped seeking. As you said it would, it dropped on its own without any doing on my part. This is enough for me. I cannot say that I have any more understanding or any distance from my emotions or thoughts, as neither would be correct, but somehow I remain uninvolved with their appearances. Of course, I still have plenty of mind-attacks but there is always a part that remains uninvolved with it all. What a relief, as I remember it otherwise. I as well, often feel intense joy, I know this is a come and go as well, but I will take it any ways. It has been in fact the recognizance of the come and go of this joy, that I more deeply recognize the come and go of all that I am not, mind and moods, etc. as I don't avoid what appears to me.

I as well had a long-time heroin/coke addiction. Even though that dropped a long time ago, what lingered were panic attacks and depression. I work as a teacher at a university in Bangkok, I could of never even imagined in the past, standing in front of a group of strangers and talking. I had left jobs in the states at the mere mention of any public speaking, my social anxiety was so intense,. Twenty-five years of depression, Dolano, now gone, burned away on its own. My God what a relief, what a relief, I truly never imagined it possible. This that I am is enough as I do feel free, safe and happy. I feel so much love for you as you helped me so much. I wanted you to know. Thank you forever and a day.




Beloved Dolano,
the following words I wrote down over the last days, which I wanted to 
share also with you:

There is no body and there is no mind either. There is not even an 'I'. 
Only source is. Since this recognition something relaxed. Mind has seen it 
and he has not a slightest doubt about it. Actually he loves it and 
happily sees.

Investigation shows that everybody is source and so for enlightened, if he 
is in a misunderstanding or not. At latest at the point of death everybody 
realizes this, when source is freed from the body. . This left me silent 
and humble and gave me an understanding that everything on this 'planet' 
is 'enlightened' as an expression of source.

A whole-night-laughter followed and since then there is a continuous smile 
ongoing and an eternal peace is " felt ". It is difficult to find words and 
words cannot really express that which is everywhere.

Later I realized, that it was all spoken on the tapes, but only now seen.

Now I'm waiting a week for a storm to arise, but since than nothing 
happens and I don't get a chance to make a popcorn-tape. I carry the 
walkman with popcorn-tape and microphone with me all the time, but there 
is only silence. And when thoughts arise and get recognized as that, they 
are in an instant gone. This I tried with my survival-story, which 
should be running normally - ' I'm broke, living on borrowed money and 
leaving to Germany, without knowing where to go and how to make money...' 
-. After the story started and I listened to it for a while, it stopped 
at an instant, when requested and didn't come back again.

There are no words to express my gratitude, my love and everything. which 
is there for you Dolano (which is myself/source), but something wanted to 
be said and written.
'It' is so easy


Dear dolano
i just cannot help to say thank you to you.
i am grateful for the first time and forever.
i bow down to all the illegality you have committed
for us. Thank you to say it all, once for all.
And thank you for the beloved servant to give the 
greatest gift she could give to herself.
love gulestan


Hi, I don't know if you remember me by name (Gil) but I'm been in the intensive satsang of 8-9/2001, and I visit the open satsangs often (dark skin, long hair, beard).
Since the satsang my life have changed, and I life live from the pearl vision, however there where always some minor doubts present, and a feeling of something missing in the whole picture, so the search did not completely stop.
About 10 days ago, I had an experience in which I've clearly recognized this:
All is love, and I was never "ME".
It took me a whole day of laughing at myself with the question "How could I ever think I was ME" to notice, that this "Who Am I" question, has completely disappear, and a gentle complete feeling of peace, was always present.
When you talked about "the drop", and you said that at the moment you saw it, you knew it will last forever, I did not really understand how can you know that.
But when I noticed it, I knew, this is it, no doubts anymore, it's always now, and I am that.
Since then things are dropping from me so fast, I don't even know myself anymore, but really it doesn't matter.
I am source, I have always been, and I cannot even imagine myself out of it.
I can find no words to express my gratitude for you, how can one thank for that ???
I guess I will never be able to repay that, so all can do is helplessly rewrite, thank you, thank you, thank you.........I'm grateful..All the love.. Gil

Hi dolano.

It's been a while I wanted to write.

Nothing in particular, life continues, as always did, full of situations, 
feelings, beauty, comfort, uncomfort, difficulties, surprises, limitations, 
waves of this and that, .... like always been.
Even when confusion happen, it's not confusion anymore. It's a minor thing 
in the vastness of life, which is absolutely ordinary. No weights attached to 

It seems like i got the point! Or the point got me. And really, nothing else 
survives. Only me, which is not me. Nothing I could believe before, and still 
can't believe now.
Funny, but it's true.

Nothing disappeared, but nothing matters. And still it scares, and still it 
doesn't matters.
Maybe, this is the only change.

Bye, with lots of love and thankfulness.

Jivan. (Cake)

Hi Dolano...
Wow, I did the satsang with you last march...01 and now I am back in my home in 
Brasil and...I just felt like sharing with you the beauty that is has been 
to know who am I and move on in this world, really there are no words to 
express my gratitude towards this that you are, I am, and everybody IS.
Storms are coming but they are not really storms anymore, but a delightful 
adventure that points to who am much freedom, true freedom.
And the greatest gift is that there is no way to escape away from who am I, 
no way...and each day a new recognition of the nature of this body-mind and 
the nature of who am I...
I don't know what else to say, but that I am eternally grateful for having 
been finally found...
Thank you .....

Dearest Dolano!
The gift you gave me is beyond words although I choose to share my thoughts-emotions with you. Every moment in this life is full of the clarity of knowing who am I, knowing myself as beyond one with all the being as love to source.
This self is full as empty, this " I " knows that the flow does not belong to him, it just runs through " him " and it just has to be empty and clear as it is.
In few days I'll be 36, last year I gave myself a present to do the intensive Satsang with you, It is a lifetime present. Thank you Eternally.. Ocean of love and bliss.. 

Beloved Dolano......
a brief note to say that England
was never so beautiful
as it is now i know who am i, so many ways source
expresses itself and everyone of them 
quite beautiful. Thank you for pointing so well and
for roaring so loudly. 
I will listen again and again, for the joke only gets
Love and happiness

Beloved Dolano,
I'm back in Germany, not even 2 weeks passed since I had the last Question &Answers and it seems somehow that I never have gone anywhere at all!!! Everyday more and more an immense gratitude to you, to me, to everything!! THANK YOU!!!!! for sharing what cannot be spoken and to pointed this TRULLY NOTHING to me!!! (and the biggest and beautiful joke is there is nothing even to be thanked for...)

Love always OM SHANTI Amrita

Namasti Dolano ...

With folded hands ...
and teared eyes ...
I bow down to you ...
and to Osho ...
in eternal gratitude ...
for your masterly fatal push ...

Ma Prem Samma 
Love ... Love ... Love ... Love ... Love ... Love ...

Dear Dolano,

Thank-you for changing my life. I talk about life as "Before Dolano," and

"After Dolano". Sitting with you has changed everything.

I feel finally happy about being alive, but not afraid to die. I keep your picture always

near, and I love to read the back, where you signed it

"You're friend and your own self, Dolano".


All my love, gratitude, and ha, haa....ah-HA! Sandhano (Inquiry)


Hi Dolano,

Now I know what you mean. I have tasted it, which made me realize I had never

really tasted it before. Imagination cannot come close to it. It is so much more

and so much simpler than I ever imagined. The paradox makes sense now. My mind

is blown away, for the first time it chooses to be quiet to experience this

bliss because it knows it cannot create anything that comes close to it. All

fear is gone. I'm home. My gratitude has no end.


Om shanti



Beloved dolano,

you showed me that I am home. and for that and everything, eternal gratefulness to you.

For your clarity, strength, compassion...

there are no words to describe the silence...

there is so much, and at the same time, nothing, to say...

thank you-thank you- thank you.................... love, samadhi.


Beloved Dolano,

Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in your Intensive Satsang.

Through your grace, I feel my life will be changed forever.


Over the course of the Satsangs, countless letters of thanks were composed in my mind. Yet none of my ideas and thoughts ever seemed adequate enough to fully capture the measure of my gratitude and thankfulness.


Like a hungry wolf, very early on lining up its prey of innocent lamb – you first cornered and then forced me to recognize and admit who I really am.From there, you winded me badly on a number of occasions – from the mighty, well placed blows of the Zen Stick you wield. Firstly, knocking me flying off the path and then, later on, pushing and forcing me to drop over the edge of the cliff. Why you are nothing less than a cold-blooded murderer. A killer of helpless children. You have obliterated and destroyed my child. You have killed him and carried him off. I feel very sad. I am still grieving and mawning the loss of this child. I even doubt his remains will ever be found. I suspect he has gone forever.


Even before the start, your confirmation tape alone was like a breath of fresh air. It was so full of wisdom – the path, relative truth, therapy and the onion peeling vision. It sounded radical, but I felt it was true. And then hearing about this pearl vision that arises from liberating the mind. I was so grateful already!


When I arrived at the Ashram in early October, after having been traveling for almost a year, I quickly realized that the sessions on offer here were not for me. But I also knew that earlier on in my development they would have been good. It seemed that my personal development work, at least as I had known it, was coming to an end. It was over for me. But the problem was, I didn't know why. I needed to hear about becoming illegal – it was so timely.


I'm sure you're aware that my whole perspective has changed. One thing I can say for sure - I have made the 360-degree turn. The search is over. I am the pearl. It is all so simple. I cannot believe it. But how could I ever have seen this, without first having the benefit of a liberated mind?


Yes, it has been nothing short of a miracle that I found this Dolano. A beautiful lion who roars truth. Someone who was not only able to explain the importance of liberating the mind - but someone who could help me achieve it.


By the very grace that flows through her and through the pure grace that she is – so much this Dolano has done. I could well have spent the rest of my life finding out and recognizing the things that I have come to recognize over the past few weeks. Such a short period of time to come to know the infinite truth.


Further, the drop may drop for me in time, as well. But what does it matter now anyway? Ideas of becoming enlightened have been thrown out the window. And so too has the main game - my own secret game. That of pretending my endeavors to find out the truth of myself, to come to fully know and understand myself, were not also a search for truth and enlightenment. I pretended these things were different. But somehow, I always knew that they must be the same.


But still in a way, how unexpected the actual result!


So finally, please forgive the occasional welling up of anger and frustration that rose within me towards you. And please know that I will be forever grateful that you did not indulge me. You always responded in truth. What a great gift you also gave me in that. And, as a result, what a great gift I was able to receive.


Thank you Dolano. You are a masterful Zen Master, so truly effective. No other can ever be truer. Thank you so much.


Yours in eternal gratitude, love from Neil


Dear Dolano

I'm Vartul. I hope that this time you can receive my words.


I want thank you again,because you have led Meena and I towards a totaly new dimension, that before I couldn't even conceive: a world of deep rest and peace. Nothing to do, at least! And this transformation happened just after the first satsang...

At the airport of Bombay, when our plane was increasing his speed for the flight, I was feeling inside me a strong (and strange!) stillnes: there wasn't movement at all, even a running plane was a kind of illusion...


I still love Osho (he rescued my life also), but now all his words are dropped and I don't feel myself part of his sannyasins.

I'd like that these lines are not a communication but a little fragment of love.



Beloved Dolano,

no words, but tears of joy and overwhelming love! Thank you, thank you beloved!

Ma Prem Meena and swami Anand Vartul


Hi Beauty,

Sometimes I want to write to you, to report, to ask, to confirm.

But actually, what I want is to thank you, for liberating me. Or in fact, show me how liberated I am...




Yes!!!!! Yes, dolano know satto, satto know dolano, out of not need to rest... no need to express it to express it...leela

eela... beyond words.... gratefulness...

ha..ha..ha...ahaaha!!! sea-lion roaring!!!!

Ps: when I heard you expressing "overlooking, self-denial, imagination", I knew, Yes! This is the one! True speaking, out of not searching it was found!

So much gratitude and laugh!!!! Love.


hi dolano,

Thank you sooooo much for the gift that you are and

what you share!

love, pragati


beloved dolano

I just got back to Israel after spending 3 weeks in Munich. I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude and thankfulness to you.

It is about a month after intensive satsang has finished and the recognition is firm.

Clarity it happening more and more and falling deeper and deeper in love with this unnamable force, I call that or god. There is no possibility anymore to believe the imaginations of the active mind. Any thought that has the word "I" as a "personal" reference is simply fading as irrelevant, not finding anywhere to stick to. The sense of freedom is indescribable and the self- doubt is recognized as another illusion. It is hard to express it all in words but at this point I can only say, WOW!!!!! so much love to you,

my own self, samudra.


Beloved Dolano thanks for giving me your new address.

Life had changed to 'me' incredibly! I am a free bird thanks to you!

Eternal love, Sita


Dearest Dolano,

Greetings from New York! I think of you often and with so much love!

I am having such a good time here. Everything in life seems to fall into

place without much effort. There is nothing to say..


and there is so much to say!

You and I spoke so much about simply speaking, do you remember? Anyway, it all takes care of itself. What I know is that there is no "I" who speaks. It is the situation that speaks and if that situation wants satsang then it just happens on its own and with its own intensity. So yes, sometimes there is speaking and it is wonderful but most often there is not speaking and that is wonderful too! Maybe better. hahaha. It is all so perfect, and nothing needs to happen at all.


All the recent good news that happens in life is exciting and satisfying yes of course, but it just so wonderful and relaxing to let it come and go and come and go and come and go and never really touch it. This happiness this satisfaction is like a fabric made from bliss itself, the source!


Dolano, You are a true Sister of Mystery!

Now tears fall, The trees sing, and the mind dances in this garden of love. Dolano, in this mystery, if there exists a heart, then that heart is beating with love for you. This, which is all there is, my own self. How lost, how drunk with the nectar of Beauty is this heart! Drunk on the vintage wine of Nature's Grace.

Beyond knowing, Beyond understanding, beyond pleasure.

This song of bliss is only a mischievous arrow that has somehow escaped from the humming bowstring of bliss itself.

Is there any way to stop this river of words? There is no way... Love roars unceasingly into its own Infinite Heart.

Ah this roar!

Only This..

Endlessly This...


My sweetest love,

anant is singing your name today!


dearest dolano

It has been so intense lately here in Israel and it feels like time to share some of it with you.


Since I left poona 3.5 months ago, a lot has happened, but I think the most significant realization lately was to really understand, to really see from a totally new perspective what you were talking all this time in intensive satsang.


The direct experience of seeing so deeply that who am I has nothing really to do with this dimension we call life, that thoughts and emotions and sensations are just happening for the sake of exploration and as opportunity to really see oneself as the true self, a perfect mirror but never identify with the reflection, was so amazingly strong that I couldn't find myself as somebody anymore.


It was so strange for a while that I couldn't understand the body or the mind and actually felt like some kind of an alien trapped in a human world and form.


To really go through such a shattering experience that leaves one no option but total surrender to what is found, is something I can only call grace.


To see that there is no one to own anything at all, not even breath is "mine", it all belongs to the one and only - that, source, what ever name one would give to this formless unknown able force of life, and that leads to the understanding this is who everyone is in reality, is a very very humbling recognition.


To see that on the inner level, beyond action in this life, one is so perfect, so whole and wise, and to stay completely loyal to this realization, to never move an inch anymore, because movement means already there is somebody doing something, this is the key to being freedom itself, and it is so beautiful and so big that it really blows the mind away.


The question who am I can never be answered, because I see now that there is no end to myself, endless faces, endless possibilities, endless dimensions to explore and perhaps this is why there is always such a drive to never land and to never say "this is who am I", but at the same amazing time, this unbelievable consciousness recognizes itself by itself, and the knowing is so clear that this is truth, what a joy, what an amazing ungraspable joy. So much love to you dear donalo, a beautiful face of mine, a beautiful expression of mine, thank you so much. samudra


Beloved Dolano,


Such silence,

so simple and relaxed

such clarity,

so natural and easy

For this luminous gift of no-gift

bondless gratitude to you

bowing down to my feet

No you and no me, ever



a whispering

so sweet to listen

Ekdam atcha

full of smiles, tears

and laughters

for eternity


Satsang is a jewel

diamond of truth

No more waiting

for the drop

to receive the ocean

and dissolve

Nothing happens


You are a Buddha

your name is "Pure bliss"

says Osho


No dust

no comparaison

no others


The source is freedom

precious love

infinite intelligence



so Dolano

help me to



More than wonder


I meet you

and everything is so right

and everything is so light



pure gratitude

smiling silence

A garland of thanks

from Urwana


After walking up Dolanos stairs,

I met a man who wasn't there.

He wasn't there again today,

So now I know he is here to stay

Thanks for everything beautiful ........ without a story ...... LOVE


Om Shanti ......... Vikas

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