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Protecting Innocence

October 2022

Click below to listen to Dolano's answers to a spiritual seeker's questions.

Protecting Innocence - Dolano Oct 2022
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How did Enlightenment happen to you?


"Could you talk about how you got enlightened? 

I read that in old times masters chose disciples carefully, and that the aura of the master supported the disciple's growth. I would like to know how it is with you."


"I don't know how to make a decision in my life. I want to know what is true. But now I will go back to my country. I'm very confused.

"What is the true nature of the mind?"

Listen to Dolano's answers to this and other questions.

I don’t really understand the point of waking up


"Hi Dolano, I have been attending your Open Satsang for the last 3 years. I come regularly but I have not been able to make a decision about the Intensive Satsang. I keep thinking about it but I am not able to make a decision. Deep down I fear that I will lose something and I don’t know what. 

So, that fear is holding me back. I don’t know how to get the courage… That is my question."

Why does staying in a state of no-thought take so much effort?


"Why does it take so much effort to hold this state of thoughtlessness, and why it is so easy to slip into thinking? It almost seems the mind's default setting to go into thinking and feelings and imagining."

The play of leela


"Recently I developed this acceptance for myself. And then I feel my mind is not as sharp as before, I don't analyze that much anymore. How can I face real life when I accept everything?"

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Mind is not your enemy, it longs for liberation

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About Enlightenment


"I have been for many years on the path, doing spiritual practices. There has not been much progress if any. My approach is lukewarm. I desire freedom but not very intensely. What can I do to increase this intensity?"


"What is enlightenment according to you?

Do you think every human being is born enlightened but we are not aware of it?"

Listen to Dolano's answers to these and other questions.

The last Satsang is the last effort

"Humans are meant to awaken, for that reason any circumstance can be a wake up call…"

"Yes you can’t believe the good news, they are too good to be true... An opportunity for you to awaken, truly awaken…"

"On the spiritual path you are busy with not doing, but I say to you the Last Satsang is the Last effort, then after that there is no more a question of doing or not doing and not even a question of no effort. Your mind is freed…"  

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