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Is there a difference between humans and animals?

In this satsang Dolano speaks about meditation, protecting nature, innocence and animals' right to live.

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Animals and humans - Dolano
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Guidance - Where do answers come from?


"When I don't know an answer, sometimes I feel that answers come to me from outside: either through synchronicity, through people, or when I do tarot, or through numbers... I feel that it helps me, but on the other hand there's a thin line between imagination and really tapping into guidance. What is your perspective on that?"

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How can I be more playful?


"How can I be more playful? How can I maintain Meditation in daily life? And more questions…"

Why does staying in a state of no-thought take so much effort?


"Why does it take so much effort to hold this state of thoughtlessness, and why it is so easy to slip into thinking? It almost seems the mind's default setting to go into thinking and feelings and imagining."

There is no "In", no "Out"


"I have a question about silence. I've been listening to your Satsangs, and as far as I understand, you talk about silence as silence on the inside. Because I'm a bit confused about silence on the outside and on the inside. I love both, I love to meditate, but I also love the silence on the outside."

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Open Satsang is not Comparable with the Last Satsang

Open Satsang is not Comparable with what is spoken and what happens in the Intensive Satsang, the Last Satsang.

To know who am I is not enough


"To know who am I is not enough; if mind is not liberated there will be only arrogance." 

Silencing my mind


"I'm still looking outside to find a sign, a glimpse, something that can really move me. I'm looking outside and waiting for signs and powerful things to really help shift my mind and silence my mind."

Listen to Dolano's answers to this and other questions.

What is that churning in my stomach?

Click here to  listen to the Satsang.

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