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People that are frustrated with the path


I’m sick and tired of everything - enlightenment, meditation. I find myself recently going back into ego a lot more and still being unsatisfied with that. It’s just… I don’t know where I am…


Have you been officially and knowingly on the path? That’s why you’re sick and tired of everything. Have you come to know meditation? You have recognised the rebelliousness of meditation, isn’t it? Because once you know meditation, then you know also about the reality of thoughts, isn’t it? You recognise the illusion, it is a come and a go. As well emotions are triggered with thoughts or circumstance and they don’t stay.

So you have seen the message of meditation. Maybe you’re ready for Intensive Satsang. This is when you’re finished with the whole thing. It’s over. There is truly nowhere to go but it is not satisfying if liberation has not happened, isn’t it?


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About trust and fear


"Since I’m on the path I always lived with a big lack of love inside and I did many groups, many therapies. But still this big hole is here inside me and I feel that the key would be trusting in silence just to sit there and trust in the silent space that sometimes I felt inside.

But there are many moments in my life that the emotion is pushing so much, this big hole, this big lack of love, is pushing so much and I go like in shock, in a panic and it’s very difficult to sit and trust in the silence.

My question is, even if sometimes I felt the silence and the trust why is it so difficult to use this key inside me, the key of trusting?"

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Why does staying in a state of no-thought take so much effort?


"Why does it take so much effort to hold this state of thoughtlessness, and why it is so easy to slip into thinking? It almost seems the mind's default setting to go into thinking and feelings and imagining."

To know who am I is not enough


"To know who am I is not enough; if mind is not liberated there will be only arrogance." 

There is no "In", no "Out"


"I have a question about silence. I've been listening to your Satsangs, and as far as I understand, you talk about silence as silence on the inside. Because I'm a bit confused about silence on the outside and on the inside. I love both, I love to meditate, but I also love the silence on the outside."

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How did Enlightenment happen to you?


"Could you talk about how you got enlightened? 

I read that in old times masters chose disciples carefully, and that the aura of the master supported the disciple's growth. I would like to know how it is with you."

Guidance - Where do answers come from?


"When I don't know an answer, sometimes I feel that answers come to me from outside: either through synchronicity, through people, or when I do tarot, or through numbers... I feel that it helps me, but on the other hand there's a thin line between imagination and really tapping into guidance. What is your perspective on that?"

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The last Satsang is the last effort

"Humans are meant to awaken, for that reason any circumstance can be a wake up call…"

"Yes you can’t believe the good news, they are too good to be true... An opportunity for you to awaken, truly awaken…"

"On the spiritual path you are busy with not doing, but I say to you the Last Satsang is the Last effort, then after that there is no more a question of doing or not doing and not even a question of no effort. Your mind is freed…"  

Open Satsang mixed with interview questions

On this tape a number of the questions were asked by an interviewer who was visiting. 

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