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Esoteric and spiritual best

Esoteric question:​

"Would you have practical advice to get to this clarity?"


Spiritual question:

"Where is love in all of this? The concept and the feeling. 'God is love' you know, we hear this message a lot."

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Esoteric and spiritual best - Dolano
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Believing and understanding is not knowing

There is all the difference between knowing and knowledge! 

The last Satsang is the last effort

"Humans are meant to awaken, for that reason any circumstance can be a wake up call…"

"Yes you can’t believe the good news, they are too good to be true... An opportunity for you to awaken, truly awaken…"

"On the spiritual path you are busy with not doing, but I say to you the Last Satsang is the Last effort, then after that there is no more a question of doing or not doing and not even a question of no effort. Your mind is freed…"  

Silencing my mind


"I'm still looking outside to find a sign, a glimpse, something that can really move me. I'm looking outside and waiting for signs and powerful things to really help shift my mind and silence my mind."

Listen to Dolano's answers to this and other questions.

Instant intimacy and no separation


Instant intimacy. "I'm wondering how the state of enlightenment affects relationships with other people". 


Never separate. "I think I had the wrong perception of an enlightened state of being being separate from everyone, but it sounds like you actually feel more connected..." 

Listen to Dolano's answers to these and other questions.

Mind is not your enemy, it longs for liberation

Click here to  listen to the Satsang.

Dolano talks about meditation, protecting nature, innocence and animals' right to live.

Couples in constant conflict

Question: I would like to know what would you offer for couples that are in conflict, in constant conflict from a spiritual point of view. 

Open Satsang mixed with interview questions

On this tape a number of the questions were asked by an interviewer who was visiting. 

No one here


"I've been listening to your open satsang tapes for months, and I've heard all of them three of four times now. The question that I have is that you say there is no "I", and there is no one here, there is no one home. So who showed up here, if this is true? Who or what is having all of these thoughts and these feelings and this experience? If there is nobody home, who is doing this?"

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