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"I had an experience when I felt like I disappeared. There was no 'me', no outside. In this moment I was feeling so light, so in tune with everything. There was no more time, no more future, no more past. Usually I'm not aware of this. What is this experience?"

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Satori experience - Dolano
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Your nature is already safe


"Why is it so easy for me to let go when I'm here in front of you, but so difficult to let go when I'm alone?"

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Esoteric and spiritual best

Question: Esoteric: "Would you have practical advice to get to this clarity?" 

Question: Spiritual best:
 "Where is love in all of this? The concept and the feeling. 'God is love', you know, we hear this message a lot." 

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Beyond feeling good or bad


"I'm doing Vipassana meditation daily in the morning for 25 to thirty minutes. One day we feel very nice, the next day somebody says something to us, we're disturbed. After one or two days, again we feel very nice. Why is this going on?"

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Couples in constant conflict

Question: I would like to know what would you offer for couples that are in conflict, in constant conflict from a spiritual point of view. 

About Enlightenment


"I have been for many years on the path, doing spiritual practices. There has not been much progress if any. My approach is lukewarm. I desire freedom but not very intensely. What can I do to increase this intensity?"


"What is enlightenment according to you?

Do you think every human being is born enlightened but we are not aware of it?"

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What is the real thing ?


"Dolano, I have heard that you are the real thing. What is the real thing? "

Dolano, what is your teaching?

A seeker persistently asks Dolano what her "teaching" is. A very helpful short tape that clears a lot of misunderstandings about what Dolano is doing. Guest appearances by Ramesh and Krishnamurti :)

The play of leela


"Recently I developed this acceptance for myself. And then I feel my mind is not as sharp as before, I don't analyze that much anymore. How can I face real life when I accept everything?"

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Meditation & The nature of the mind

Question: Can you talk about meditation?

Is there a particular time everyday when it's beneficial to meditate, and how long?

In intensive satsang do you just have question-answer time? What is intensive? Is it just you sharing?

Listen to Dolano's answers to this and other questions.

Believing and understanding is not knowing

There is all the difference between knowing and knowledge! 

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