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Dolano: "People have a tendency to be focused on enlightenment. When they hear enlightenment they have all those great ideas and do not understand that enlightenment is the natural outcome of liberating this mind.

With the light of knowing who am I, it is easy and not complicated to liberate this mind. Only a willingness is needed of wanting to be free and taking 100 % responsibility rather than to complain.

A liberated mind is no more separate from your very nature, which is source, pure intelligence and unconditional love. Then mind is no more in a struggle, no more in the way, and your nature can come freely through."

Osho often says: "You have to get the ultimate joke!"

"Yes it is very important and helpful to come to know meditation, which does not mean that you have to sit in meditation for as many hours and years as I did.

But you have to come to know the device of meditation and be in love with what meditation is pointing you to.

It is not only meditation; it is also your body life stream experience that makes you mature and ready for the Last Satsang."

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