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Meditation device, easy! Especially for the lazy one ;-)

I highly recommend you to practice the following meditation devices. It is fine if you can do both or only choose one or the other device for your daily practice. Meditation will help you to mature. It is healing and will also help you to come through difficult times and you will start to see for yourself, that it is your refuge.

Meditation device :

Nothing should happen in meditation. Meditation teaches you to value what is! And not to desire or visualize what is not. It points you to Here and Now, silence, peace and innocence (nature), towards life it-self. Start more and more enjoying the quiet and that nothing happened!!(In the midst of noise and happenings) A very good preparation for Intensive Satsang is, when you start to sit in meditation, for 10 or 20 minutes everyday. A good time is in the morning just before you get up: Sit up in bed or in a chair. Close the eyes do nothing and enjoy nothing happening, just allow the mind, the thoughts to be somewhere in the passive snoring there for a little while longer. If the thoughts are very active, allow them to be in the passive and ignore. And enjoy what is in the midst of thoughts or no thoughts! Mind is not your enemy; mind is innocent and needs liberation, so have mercy on this mind! (Also just before sleep or any other time is good to meditate as well.)

Another device :

Especially, when you are feeling very emotional. Another daily recommendation is Nadabrahma (Osho meditation). The best way is to do this meditation alone at home. A good time is before going to sleep; also any other time is very effective! It is also fine, if you prefer to only do the humming part of the meditation. (Then you need to buy the tape "Nadabrahma meditation" which you can find in any Osho Center)

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