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How to liberate the mind?

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Dolano: There is a time when you are tired of the endless seeking and exhausted being on the spiritual path and you are disillusioned.

The spiritual path is not endless!

There is an end of the tunnel, an end of the search and an end of suffering.

I am calling you home !!

When you are ready to come home, then make the Last Effort and come for Intensive Satsang – The last Satsang --, then you will come to know and there will be no more 'how'.

I am a radical Zen Master, with all the love and compassion but with no patience to compromise and hair split.

I wake you up and remove your spiritual blindfold so that you are able to see. And I help you to liberate your mind for ever.

It is truly all up to you.

I can only guarantee it if you are sincerely willing to be free.

This body life is too short. What you are waiting for?

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