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Dolano is calling you home - The last Satsang! Do you hear the ringing bells?

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Dolano is calling you home - The last Satsang! Do you hear the ringing bells? Be a light unto your self! When there is truth I hear the ringing bells and I go along with the bells wherever they lead. I only know that in hell there are no ringing bells. ;-) Authenticity: Once you know your authenticity being on the path for liberation, then with that you also know the light unto yourself and you will find your way home. Meditation: Meditate and Be a light unto your self. In silence there is 'a roar', a knowing that I know. I just do not know what I know. But I know that I have the authority to recognize when there is truth. Blind spot: There is all the difference between understanding and recognition and between knowledge or realization. Knowledge: If you are satisfied with knowledge, then you are not an authentic seeker. Mind does not know: Mind is limited to understanding and logic. Understanding is maybe the first step, but is not knowing. Scriptures: To go along the scriptures is not the light unto your self. Scriptures maybe help you only so far. But if you have not found the light unto your self, then you will only trust the books that you have read, understood and collected in your mind… and you will go along legally like a policeman with it and never, ever wake up. Don't be so legal ! You have to risk; if you can't risk you will be stuck with your knowledge. But, then YOU will never come to know what is true. Be sincere but not serious, humor is needed for liberation! Be a light unto your self! Knowing: Your collections and books; is not YOU knowing. So burn them, its time for YOU to come to know. Beliefs: Do not believe, that believing is knowing. You do believe, because you do not know. Analyzing and the power of thoughts: "Whatever you believe, you will experience this to be true. And if you do not believe you will experience this not to be true." Where is it, when you don't think it? Feelings: To be a light unto your self is deeper than feelings. What you feel is right is not always right and what you feel is wrong is not always wrong. You can't always rely on your feelings, because they are so changeable. So go deeper, than feelings - be a light unto your self and risk to be wrong. If you can't risk to be so called wrong you can't came to know what is true. Know your goodness and authenticity being on the path. Then how wrong can you go?! Be a light unto your self ! Truth! As soon as you put truth into a frame and you hang it up onto the wall and say how beautiful, it is no more true, it has became an as if. Water is wet: Just like that water is wet, which is not a philosophy or a concept, the same is true for truth. Philosophy: A philosopher needs to come to that point when he can recognize, that philosophizing is an endless circling and bending of thoughts and does not lead anywhere. A humbled mind is when it comes to know its limitation and knows that 'I do not know'. Then mind trusts the empty mind which is the authority of knowing, rather than thinking. Scientist: The limitation of a scientist (so far) is that he does not know who am I, for that reason he does not know that there are 'things', which can not be understood but only known and this is still scientific. Intelligence: Intelligence has nothing to do with having a big brain and a great memory. Intelligence is another name of for true love. Remembrance: Your collections and books in your memory is not YOU knowing. So burn them, it's time for YOU to come to know. Ready: You are ready for truth when you no more care if you now like or do not like it and you only want to know what is true. Responsibility: Intelligence has the ability to respond and is not blindly following the rules or being ruled by them. Be the light unto your self. Rebel: Don't waste your time with complaining, but rather wake up and free your self! This is the real rebel. There is no separation, awakening has a chain reaction. The Last Satsang: God is in a Coma! So.. Wake up! … and Come Out of Your Coma ! Intensive Satsang: In Intensive Satsang you will come to know what you already know in that eternal silence who you are. For mind needs liberation. Dolano – Intensive Satsang – The Last Satsang is no more longer about truth, but is finally for You to come to know with your own authority what is true. In Intensive Satsang, it is not only to come to know 'who am I', but is basically to free and liberate the mind. Mind is not your enemy, but needs liberation. The Last Satsang is the End of Suffering and the End of Becoming. After all in the End who else will have to come to know if not You?

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