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"Dolano, I have heard that there is no enlightenment. Is this true?"

Dolano: “When I read your letters, then for sure I get reminded that there is enlightenment, thank god ! (laughter…) Surly, your idea, concepts and logical conclusions what enlightenment is does not exist. We have the tendency to read and to figure it all out and try to understand what enlightenment is, how to get there, what does it look like and how should I be like. Enlightenment is not understood. Some people have collected a lot of knowledge, like: I am already enlightened, or, there is no enlightenment and nothing to find and drop the search, which are only 'one hand clapping' devises. Knowledge and logical conclusions will not liberate your mind. Mind needs liberation! And mind is not already awake. First you have to come to know your ignorance. If you do not know your ignorance you are not enlightened, you are ignorant. You need to come out of your coma! So long as your mind is not liberated you will always be deluded with the appearance and with the power of your mind… thoughts, emotions and circumstances. When mind is complete in its liberation, then the recognition of enlightenment is there and is consciously known, and not out of logical conclusions and beliefs. You have heard that, 'There is no enlightenment'. But you need to be enlightened to know that this is true !! This is only, so-called, true for one who has transcended enlightenment because of liberation. But when you hear that you come to that conclusion and belief, as if there is no enlightenment. Yes, it is also used as a devise, because then what is left if there is no enlightenment? But that glimpse you have, it is not so and will leave you soon and you will not be able to bear it because your mind needs liberation. Your mind will continue searching, wondering and philosophizing and will be left with many buts… Enlightenment is not glimpsed or experienced; it is the outcome of a liberated mind. Then you are simply at home and at ease with nothing to bear. There is no need to go beyond enlightenment. When enlightened, enlightenment is itself transcended. But that does not mean that there is no enlightenment. With enlightenment, enlightenment is transcended. Because it is so natural, just like water is wet. Then yes it is all so over and finally you start to live. What has changed?  Your vision has changed. Your vision is right and this makes all the difference! A non-liberated mind lives in Samsara, in a win and lose game, and suffers. A liberated mind lives in the play of leela, in its pure health. So, don't get settled with, 'there is no enlightenment'. Buddha said to his few enlightened disciples: "Never forget that there has been a time when you where in ignorance." (Compassion). "

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