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True Meditation

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

I had been with Osho for a long time, since '79. And I fell immediately in love with meditation. I trusted it the most. Immediately I trusted it because there is no analyzing, nobody is interfering. All that is needed is to just close your eyes and enjoy mind in rest. In that silence everything is known, just mind does not really know 'What I know'. But there is a knowing in that quiet, a trust, safe, absolutely safe. No?

And I was so much in love with that situation. That was my greatest love affair I ever had. And it became my only love affair, this situation. So in love with that, I did not want to open my eyes ever again… so beautiful.

Meditation is the greatest device. It is a highway.

But when you open your eyes, in love with that, you are naturally more and more allowed to have this mind in the passive. And the joy is there even with eyes open. There is the clarity, if mind is in rest. Meditation is the greatest device. It is the shortcut. If you are truly in love with meditation, if it is not something you "have to do", for example "Dynamic Meditation", all these active meditations, Osho devices… they are beautiful in the beginning. But what is truly meant with this active meditation is that you come to a point when you just simply can sit there. This is when meditation starts.

Once you fall in love with that you no more need to shake, you don't need anymore to jump. This path of activity is helping you. It is kind of a group, kind of between group and moving towards meditation. To get the shift from doing groups actually to sit there, what more is needed? I love it the most. I trust it absolutely. There is so much clarity in that, yah, isn't it? It is so trustworthy. I love it the most. And this is when meditation starts to happen… when you no longer need to be led into it or led through it.

All these active meditations, Osho devices… they are beautiful in the beginning.

As well, to be led into meditation… Okay… You can start doing so when you have never done so. But you will notice: a meditator who knows what is meditation knows that, by being led into meditation, you are using the creativity of mind, of imagination.

…and then you go in, and you go deep. And then they speak about expansion, more and more expansion…

But it is all the power of mind, of imagination. This is not when meditation happens yet. Meditation points you to: Nothing Ever Happened. To learn to enjoy What Is, nothing should happen. Mind has to be in love with the joy of What Is because What Is is already such a miracle. What more do you want? No need to use the power of mind, of imagination. No need for that. It is not used for… a meditator does not use imagination, just the joy of what is. This is the device, you hear me?

A meditator does not use imagination.

Meditation is the highway. If you love, are absolutely in love with meditation, you are on a highway. This was for me. I was on a highway. So much in love with meditation, absolutely trustworthy, in love with that. I would not look left or right. Just zitta-zitta, straight forward. And if you're on a highway there are many stations. You can take a right or left, you know?…

Let's look, what is all about the crystals? Let's look about esoteric things!…

You know you can go all these ways. I always nicely bypassed. Because once you know what is meditation, you no longer look for meanings because any meaning is just another thought, isn't it? With looking for meanings you overlook What Is. Straight… highway… back home.

So, how I have been? How? What is the how? I can only say...

You go into esoteric because you can't yet value What Is.

On the path I was not interested in anything fancy. All that I wanted was the device that all the zen masters speak of. I wanted to enjoy the cup of tea, ordinariness, life itself, this Now. If you can do so, if this is… This is a grace, to come back home. There you can come to know what is eternal life because it is all known in that Now. In that ordinariness, there it is known. Not by going into esoteric, looking for auras and this and that. These are different devices, these people are doing groups, you hear me? These are just devices on the path till you are ready for What Is, the only value. Until you are ready that you can actually value what is the most obvious and ordinary, and has been always here and is eternal, which is ordinary. Until you are ready to value that, you may have to go into esoteric. You go into esoteric because you can't value yet What Is.

That's why the cup goes upside-down and…

"Look, in the light, the glass has all these different colors"

…and you look somewhere else for Truth, you know? Because you're so bored with the cup of tea…

"Something is missing, there must be something more!"

Then you start having all these quests in your mind and believing in separation. You have a question in your mind and you wait for the answer to come. And then you almost hear voices… God speaking maybe to you, you know?

Are you ready for that? To value What Is? Isn't it already such a miracle, this situation?

It is not so, the answer is not there. You are the answer. You are the answer. All the buddhas say you are a buddha, you are enlightened, you only overlook with your esoteric whatever. It is simply too ordinary. Are you ready for that? To value What Is? Isn't it a miracle? No, yes, what? Isn't it already such a miracle, this situation? No? What more do you want? What are you looking for… God???


Yes, beautiful laughter, beautiful laughter. This is all what I want: to come home to my breakfast table which I left in the first place when I went and got up and thought, "There must be more!"

And it is beautiful, you have to get up from this breakfast table at a certain point and say, "My God, there must be more". And you have to go far away from home, in so-called wrong directions… actom nice… because the path is bound to be long, bound to be difficult, has to be long and difficult. If the path is not difficult and long you will not be able to value what is in the end so easy. You will not be able to value that.

You hear me? No, yes, what?

You will not value that.

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